Next generation solar-powered flood lighting

SolarMate Arena2 is an updated version of the award winning ArenaLight and is designed for pro-users requiring powerful off-grid lighting.

New external power port allowing the addition of optional Supercharger solar panels for longer running times or using Arena2 indoors.

Our popular 6 pack will illuminate a 40m x 30m space. Ideal for riding schools, farmyards, barns, construction sites, car parks, loading bays or festival camp sites.

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1500 lumen LED cluster for strong bright light


All weather integrated, super-efficient solar cell


Includes remote control and fixings


Arena Supercharger solar panel(s) can be added to boost run times

Flood or Security Lighting

Using the remote control, Arena2 can switch between motion activated and timed illumination mode.

Motion Activated (PIR) Mode

In PIR mode, Arena2 can be set to illuminate automatically when movement is detected within 8m of its PIR sensor, making it ideal as a safety, security, car park, marine jetty or municipal walkway light.

Option to have passive illumination set at 50 lumen until movement is detected when the light level increases to 35% for 30 seconds or until the movement stops and then reverts to 50 lumen.

Timed Illumination Mode

In this mode Arena2 can operate for either one, or two, hours. A further one, or two, hours can be activated if needed. Brightness can be changed from 500, to 1000 or 1500 lumen as desired.

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Longer Run Times or Use Indoors

Supercharger Panels

Adding one or more Supercharger solar panels to Arena2 extends the light's nightly run times (in winter) by up to four times.

A maximum of three Supercharger panels can be daisy chained together by simply connecting the panel/s to Arena2 light via the port on the side of the light.

Arena2 Indoors

The Supercharger panels also provide solar-powered flood lighting indoors which makes Arena2 the perfect solution for large off-grid buildings such as barns, lambing sheds and indoor riding schools.

SuperCharger Solar Panel Kit

Lighting Area

With a light spread of 30m diameter at 4 metre height the Arena2 can cover a 300sqm area with light.

Six Arena2 lights will illuminate a 40 x 30m space. Ideal for larger equestrian arenas, 5 aside football pitches, tennis, volleyball and basket ball courts.


Arena 2 can be wall or pole mounted. The supplied U-bolt fit poles 45-62mm in diameter. Standard size scaffolding poles are widely available and are the perfect size for the job.

  • The angle of light unit can be set in three positions: 0°(flat), 15° and 30°.
  • Recommended installation height for the Arena2 is between 4 and 5 metres.
  • Recommended spacing between Arena2 fittings is 10 metres.
Arena2 Pole Mount Installation

Charging Times

10 hours of sunlight is needed to fully charge the battery for a run time up to 12 hours.

Seasonal Run Times

Season Brightness/Run Times
Summer 35% 12 hrs - 65% 8 hrs - 100% 6 hrs
Spring/Autumn 35% 8 hrs - 65% 4 hrs - 100% 2 hrs
Winter 35% 3 hrs - 65% 2 hrs - 100% 1 hrs
PIR Mode 4% Brightness - 60 to 120 hours

Note: Solar run times are average estimates. Location, orientation and shading will affect performance.

Adding SuperCharger solar panels speeds up solar charging to increase run times up to 4 times than those noted above.

Client's Installation Gallery

Cow shed

SuperCharger Solar Panel

  • Connects directly into the port on the side Arena2’s body
  • Up to three Supercharger panels can be daisy chained together
  • SuperCharger panels are required when Arena2 is used indoors
  • Supplied with a wall bracket and a pole fixings
  • 1.5m cable for connection to Arena2
  • Linked socket to daisy chin additional panels
  • Dimensions (mm) 340x300x20

Extended Run Times for Outdoor Use

Lumens 500 1000 1500
1 Panel +7.5hrs +5hrs +2.5hrs
2 Panels +12hrs +8hrs +4hrs
3 Panels +12hrs +8hrs +6hrs

Run Times for Indoor Use

Lumens 500 1000 1500
1 Panel +4.5hrs +3hrs +1.5hrs
2 Panels +9hrs +6hrs +3hrs
3 Panels +12hrs +8hrs +5hrs

Note: Solar run times are average estimates. Location, orientation and shading will affect charging performance.

Arena2 with Supercharger Panel

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Arena2 Technical Specification

Solar Panel 6.8 watt
Voltage 11.1V DC
Battery Custom battery pack (replaceable)
Battery Capacity 13000mAh
Modes On / Off - PIR - Timer- Brightness Adjustment-
On Timer 1h or 2h selectable
Brightness Levels 50, 500, 1000, 1500 lumens
Switch Settings Auto / Off (with remote)
Auto Sensor PIR - 8m Activation Distance
LEDs 30 superior cool white
Remote Control 9m Range
IP Rating IP65
Dimensions (mm) 460 x 250 x 85
Weight (kg) 2.3
EAN 5060043535926

Arena2 Lighting Functions

  • On/Off/PIR Motion Activated
  • PIR With or without ambient light
  • PIR Activation 4% brightness for 30 seconds
  • Brightness Up/Down
    35% - 65% - 100%
  • Brightness/Area
    35% - 100sqm
    65% - 200sqm
    100% - 300sqm
  • Daytime Overide
    Turns light on in daylight hours
  • 1 or 2 hour timer

Arena2 Contents

  • 1 x Arena2 light
  • 1 x remote control and batteries
  • 2 x U-bolts (for pole fixing)
  • 1 x instruction sheet
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty

SuperCharger Contents

  • 1 x 10wp solar panel and bracket
  • 1 x 1.5m connection cable
  • 1 x U Bolt and fixings
  • 1 x instruction sheet
  • Ten years manufacturer's warranty