Fantastic Illuminations provides lighting displays for corporate, landscape, public area, sculptural and festive projects

Described by one leading events organiser as 'one of the industry's best kept secrets', we have remained committed to our high production values since we lit up our first lighting design in 2003



Over 25 years of experience delivering design-driven lighting schemes for architecture, landscape, public area, sculptural and Christmas lighting projects.

We are uniquely placed to turn your ideas into visual experiences by combining lighting design with technical experience to ensure that you achieve the most impressive lighting scheme.

All lighting schemes are delivered to the highest professional standard backed up with our proven track record of high production values and client references.

We have no hesitation in recommending Fantastic Illuminations to work on any project. They have an excellent work ethic, are extremely through, organised and totally committed to deliver the perfect job every time.

Gary Withers
Chairman, Imagination Group

I particularly want to commend the lighting design and installation which was both sensitive and imaginative. I am flattered that you thought I could have lit something as wonderfully as that.

Rick Fisher
Chairman, Association of Lighting Designers

There are not many teams in the world that could have pulled off what you have achieved. I just wanted to congratulate you on your achievement!

Kai Tortstila
Nokia Marketing Director

Current Projects

We are designing two outdoor lighting schemes in Mumbai, India.

The brief is to produce festive style street lighting to promote property developments via traditional and social media channels.

One scheme is a festive type animated display which populates the approach road to a luxury skyscraper development.

The second scheme is a large sculptural installation featuring colouring changing cubes weaving up and down the access roads into a brand new intelligent city.

Digital LED lighting will be used throughout the installation. This creates the opportunity to change between static scenes or more excitedly provide animation throughout the entire installation depending on the atmosphere you want to create for a particular day.

Recent Projects

We have just completed installing the Christmas Decorations for Imagination, a leading London design company at their global head-quarters in the heart of London. We have been involved with these iconic Christmas lighting schemes since 1992

Future Projects

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